When you are looking to sell your Sotogrande property, it is – of course – of imperative importance that you give potential buyers the best possible impression of the property. This applies when they first encounter your property listing, but also when they are being introduced to the property in person. 


You won’t want something that you did to be the factor that causes a would-be buyer to decide against your property and look elsewhere! So, here are some straightforward tips for ensuring you introduce your Sotogrande property to a prospective buyer in the best possible way. 


Tidy up and de-clutter 

When would-be buyers look at the photos of your property in the property listing, as well as when they tour its rooms ‘in the flesh’, it will be harder for them to imagine themselves – and their own possessions – there if it is still untidy and cluttered with your own belongings. 


The more you can remove items from view, such as by storing them away in cupboards, the more spacious and welcoming you can make your Sotogrande property look. 


Arrange a deep clean of the property 

If you walked into a car dealership and saw that the cars on sale were dirty, your expectations for everything else about that dealership – and the cars they were selling – would probably plummet. You’d likely be turned off the idea of buying from them, even if the car you were coming to view would otherwise be your dream vehicle. 


Well, it’s a similar situation as far as introducing Sotogrande property is concerned. An intense clean of the property – including the wiping-down of every surface, the mopping of floors and the vacuuming of carpets – will help buyers to focus on the property’s broader merits as a place to live. 


Be available to answer questions, but don’t overwhelm them 


Think back to the last time you were stood in a showroom or a property, contemplating buying a new TV, car or kitchen. Was the salesperson constantly ‘in your face’, overwhelming you with information that you never asked for? Or did they give you the time and space to appreciate the product on your own terms, and ask questions if you felt the need to ask them? 


Whatever the situation, the likelihood is that you would have responded more positively to the second of those approaches, than the first. 


So, when you are introducing a possible buyer to your Sotogrande property, don’t be the stereotypical overwhelming ‘salesperson’. Allow them to get a feel for the property for themselves, instead of forcing them to constantly listen to your voice. 


Be welcoming and ‘down to earth’ 

This may seem almost too obvious advice to give. However, it’s important to remember that as soon as a would-be buyer walks into your property, you will want them to immediately imagine living in this property, and making memories in it. 


There’s a greater likelihood of that if you are a pleasant and welcoming presence at the viewing, greeting them with a smile and making clear you are available to answer any questions they may have. 


After all, walking around the house of a complete stranger can be an intimidating experience! So, although hosting a viewing of your Sotogrande property may be a scary prospect for you, it’ll really help if you can put everyone at ease and make the viewing an enjoyable occasion for your visitors. 


If you have a property in sunny Sotogrande that you are looking to sell in 2021, our team here at BM Sotogrande possesses the experience and expertise that will help to ensure you attract the right buyer and command the best possible price. Simply reach out to us now for a chat about how we could work with you to market your property in the year ahead.  


Blog Post 29/01/2021



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