We’re sure it wouldn’t exactly be news to you, if we were to suggest that the ongoing coronavirus situation has drastically impacted on how we all think about, and use our homes. After all, you will almost certainly have had first-hand experience of this since the first lockdown restrictions began to be implemented in 2020, wherever you currently are in the world. 


You can probably understand, then, why so many owners of Sotogrande property are asking themselves whether now is the time to refurbish or renovate their house, villa or apartment in this highly desirable part of the Costa del Sol. 


But whereas in the past, many people may have had work undertaken on their Sotogrande property chiefly with the motivation to enhance its value, you might be likelier these days to do so in order to maximise your own enjoyment of your property. 


Whatever your reasons may be for considering improvements to your home in Sotogrande, there are various practical things you’ll have to think about, as we covered in another recent blog post here at BM Sotogrande. So, for this particular article, let’s look at the renovations or refurbishments themselves that you might contemplate having carried out. 


Which improvements could make the most sense for your own Sotogrande property? 


Kitchen remodelling 


We might have all thought the kitchen was the centre of our homes before the pandemic, but when COVID-19 hit, we quickly discovered the extent to which that really was the case. 


Having to spend more time indoors, and perhaps working much of the time at home, might have given you ideas as to how the kitchen in your Sotogrande property could be improved. 


Maybe you like the idea of knocking down a wall to make your kitchen feel more ‘open’ and more seamlessly connected to the rest of the property? Or perhaps you’re considering introducing a kitchen island, to serve as a useful workstation when cooking or baking? 


Making certain spaces more ‘multipurpose’ 


Sure, with vaccines becoming available and societies gradually opening back up, you might expect not to spend quite so much time working from home once the worst of the COVID-19 crisis has passed. 


However, it’s unlikely that our working lives will entirely return to how they were prior to the pandemic. There has been much talk around the world about the ‘hybrid office’ – the notion that from now on, many of us might spend a few days a week in the traditional office with colleagues, and the rest of the typical working week at home. 


This could have major implications for what you and your household desires and expects from the spaces in your Sotogrande property. 


Spaces like the living room, kitchen and bedroom, for instance, may sometimes have to serve as makeshift workspaces. That, in turn, might give you reason to consider how these rooms can be re-imagined, rearranged and modified to bolster privacy and give them true ‘multipurpose’ appeal. 


Improving the quality of ventilation 


If you regularly share the space in your Sotogrande property with many other people, you may have become more aware during the pandemic of any deficiencies in its ventilation. 


If anything positive has emerged from the considerable horror that is the coronavirus crisis, it is surely an appreciation of the importance of indoor air quality. Poor ventilation can have an adverse knock-on effect over time on your respiratory health, and that of your loved ones. 


This is without us even touching on the risk of mould or dampness developing in more humid spaces. That, in turn, could lead to pest problems in your Sotogrande property, or even faults with the building’s structure. The standard of your property’s ventilation and circulation, then, is definitely something to take seriously long after COVID-19’s threat has receded. 


As we have touched on previously here on the BM Sotogrande blog, it’s crucial to be aware of the legal dimension when considering any home improvement in Spain, including the need for any building licence, as you will be able to apply for from your local town hall. So, we would always urge you to seek the advice of experts before commencing any renovation or refurbishment work. 


One more thing... 


Our own knowhow in Sotogrande property here at BM Sotogrande is extremely wide-ranging, covering every aspect from sales and rentals to landscaping and interior design. 


So, if you have questions relating to any and all things property in this glorious part of Andalucía, don’t be afraid to reach out first to our professional and friendly team! 


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