Drawing on years of experience, local and international knowledge, Bradley Falconer and his associates offer a complete design service for those wishing to build their own luxury villas in Sotogrande. An intimate knowledge of the sites available in the Sotogrande area allows Bradley Falconer and his team to suggest the best use of the features of each site to meet your requirements for your luxury home.

DANCING WITH SPACE………Architecture is one of those professions that just seems to get better with maturity and experience provided you are willing to stay open minded. In the local context of Sotogrande we see a very strong historic architectural language which has stood the test of time. This is not to say there are not some impressive new ideas being explored and spaces have certainly changed in terms of distribution to cater for a more current and homogenous way of living. We are blessed that we live and work in a very diverse and cosmopolitan community and this means our homes, more specifically our spaces start to have a variety of international influences.

It is an exciting time to be an architect in Sotogrande, there are a variety of projects in planning and being built at the moment which have revitalised the architectural language and in general the context of Sotogrande. We are most fortunate to have good historic and current planning control with clear rules. This enables architects and designers to be imaginative and free as possible with their spatial and Architectural style according to their clients brief and site parameters.

We aim to listen to your ideas put them into dynamic spaces that work with your selected plot or current home. Designing your dream home or renovating your current home or purchase should be an exciting process. Open mindedness on both sides will enable you to achieve the best result. We look forward to working with you in the future. We take this opportunity to congratulate all of those working in the area on maintaining an extremely high level of design which ultimately makes Sotogrande a world class development!

Bradley Falconer is a South African born architect, successfully designing luxury properties in Sotogrande for the last 15 years. Bradley brings an international flair from working commercially in Johannesburg for many years. Working with the clients to translate their design requirements into a reality is his speciality. Call Bradley : +34 650 736623

Sotogrande Architects

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    Sotogrande Architect project : Complete modernization of "Casa Guthrie"

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    Super renovation of Casa Hingson

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    Architecture renovation project in the Finca Alcaidesa Sotogrande

    Renewal of listed building the national park of Alcideas.

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