With recent news reports suggesting that the Spanish property market is fast returning to its pre-pandemic health, now could be a great moment to consider putting your Sotogrande property on the market, if selling has been a longer-term intention of yours. 


Here at BM Sotogrande, we’ve previously written about some of the steps you might take to make your Costa del Sol home, apartment or villa a more attractive prospect for buyers in the wake of the COVID-19 situation. 


However, not all of the potential measures for bolstering the value of your Sotogrande property – or even just selling it more quickly – will necessarily immediately come to your mind. Here are a few examples of those lesser-sung ways to increase your property’s value. 


Incorporate smart technology


Many people who might not have previously thought of entering the market for a Sotogrande property are now doing so in light of the changed world of work the coronavirus crisis has helped to usher in. 


All of a sudden, great numbers of workers aren’t choosing their next home on the basis of its location in a major city next to large employers, given the improved scope for so many to now work remotely from almost anywhere. 


Making your Sotogrande property a more pleasurable place to be every hour of the day may therefore be high on your priority list. What about boosting everyday convenience for the property’s future occupants by investing in smart tech, such as voice-activated lights or the ability to control the home’s heating through a phone app? 


Invest in exterior lighting 


Arranging for the fitting of the right external illumination around your Sotogrande property doesn’t just give you the chance to take some very attractive night-time shots of the outside of the home. That’s because it can also go a long way to improving security by putting off intruders. 


There are plenty of specialised exterior lighting options on the market – such as recessed spotlights – that will be subtle enough to be barely noticed during the day, while making your Andalucia home look brighter, more exotic and more desirable by night. 


Don’t forget to also take another look at the lighting inside your Sotogrande property. Even just putting in place tasteful covers where old light switches and plug sockets previously were could help make the property look more attractive in the photos accompanying the online property listing. 


Trim the trees surrounding the property 


If the Sotogrande property that you own also includes trees immediately next to and around the building, it could be well worth taking the time to trim and tidy them up. After all, you might not have had much chance to do so during times when you weren’t actively trying to sell the property. 


This might seem to be a very subtle tip, but it’s another way to help give the (accurate!) impression to would-be buyers that your property in this part of the Costa del Sol has been well looked-after. 


This could help reassure prospective buyers as to the wisdom of making their bid just a little higher than it might have been otherwise. If they see a property that looks like it has been diligently maintained on the outside, they’ll probably be more confident that this has been the case on the inside, too! 


There is, however, one other very important point when it comes to trees in Andalucia; make sure whatever you do is on the right side of the law, and that you have the appropriate permissions where necessary. Enquiring to your local town hall, explaining to them what you intend to do, should help ensure you only make the changes that you are allowed to make. 


Even some of the most seemingly minor details can make a difference to how quickly your Sotogrande property sells, and for what price. Another crucial step, of course, is to make sure you have the right allies for making your property sale – such as our experts at BM Sotogrande. 


Get in touch with us now by email or phone, and we will happily discuss with you how we could work together to realise all of your ambitions in relation to Sotogrande property in 2021 or beyond.


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