Sotogrande is a highly desirable part of the world for the buying, selling and renting of property. However, that doesn’t automatically mean your own property in Sotogrande will immediately attract plentiful interest the moment its listing goes live. 


After all, every part of your property listing needs to be right if it is to make the most favourable first impression and attract the most suitable buyers or tenants in good time. Captivating photography will undoubtedly be key to you achieving this with your own Sotogrande home, apartment or villa. 


The photographs that you use of your property in Sotogrande could make the difference between a house-hunter enquiring about it and instead considering another property. We therefore decided to list some of the simple ways you can improve how your Sotogrande home looks in photos. 


Carefully prepare the room for photographing 


There’s a real art to taking attractive images of a property for a listing – in a way, it’s like assembling a ‘still life’. You therefore need to ‘dress the set’ and artfully present the various parts of your property in Sotogrande in a way that interests someone who might consider living there. 


That means you definitely shouldn’t be showing off those children’s toys all over the living-room floor, or that unmade bed. It’s crucial to thoroughly clean and tidy your property for photographing, not least so that the viewer can more easily imagine it as ‘their’ home, rather than yours. 


You’ll also need to pay close attention to how you arrange all of the items in your property. The positioning or even introduction of certain furniture items and decor can help give the viewer ideas for how they may choose to use your property’s rooms if they buy or rent it themselves. 


Spend time getting the lighting right 


Even if you’re taking photos of your property in sunny conditions in the middle of the day, you should still switch on all of the lights. It’s a quick way to make every room look warmer and more welcoming. 


But even turning all the usual lights on may still leave certain dark corners that cause your property in Sotogrande to look smaller than it is. You might therefore decide to invest in additional lighting equipment such as a reflector and light stand, to ensure everywhere is attractively illuminated. 


Use a professional camera, attached to a tripod 


Sure, smartphone cameras have never been more advanced than they are now. But they still have the basic flaw of being devices that you hold in your hand – which means any shots you take with them can easily end up looking blurred and uneven. 


Remember, these aren’t images for your Facebook profile – you’re trying to market your property in Sotogrande to attract the right tenants or command the best possible sale price. So, it’s well worth investing in – or at least borrowing – a professional camera, and attaching it to a tripod to ensure the sharpest and clearest images, every time. 


To further guard against ‘wonky’ images, it’s also a good idea to have a bubble spirit level to hand. 


Consider hiring a professional photographer 


Unfortunately, even with the best will in the world, if you aren’t a professional photographer who takes images of properties on a regular basis, you could still easily make avoidable mistakes with the images you create. 


Remember that the images you take of your property in Sotogrande will likely be the first sight a prospective buyer or seller catches of its exterior and rooms. It can therefore be very cost-effective to use the services of a professional photographer who could help you attract a buyer or tenant for the property weeks or even months earlier than might be the case if you take your own images. 


On the subject of professionals, when you are seeking the estate agents who are best-placed to help you market your property in Sotogrande effectively and to the right people, there’s no need to look further than BM Sotogrande! Simply contact us today to learn more about our services. 


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