The weather is getting warmer by the day and when we visit the beaches it’s definitely starting to look a lot like summer. After the long lockdown, it’s so great to see people out and about: biking, walking, swimming and even playing golf.

But when we think of the true essence of summer in Sotogrande, our minds naturally gravitate towards two main events, the opening of the Chiringuitos and the start of the Polo matches. Well, in this regard we have some good news and bad news.

Let’s start with the good news first. It is confirmed that both Gigi’s and the Bunker Beach Club are opening on the 8th of June. We can’t wait to grab a nice Aperol Spritz at Gigi’s and watch the sunset over the luxury yachts in the marina. Or to grab some calamari Fritos at the Bunker after a glorious swim and a long walk on the sandy beach. For sports enthusiasts, the tennis clubs and golf courses are open once again and Octogono Beach Club is also set to be opening soon. Please keep in mind that Almenara Golf Club is closed due to the renovations of the Almenara Hotel.

Additionally, more and more restaurants are starting to open as well as shops in the village and the Port. For an alluring selection of designer beachwear, don’t forget to check out Rosato Collections near the KeBar and for some local crafts and trinkets, the Sunday Market in the Marina.

Now for the bad news; unfortunately the Polo season will be limited to low and medium goals. This will be very disappointing for some people who live or vacation in Sotogrande and were looking forward to seeing their favourite international teams, but given the current situation, we have to make the best of everything else this one-of-a-kind place has to offer. There’s always the beautiful beaches, endless sunshine and the company of our friends and family.

In case you’re looking for a summer/long term rental or to purchase a new home in the area, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us so that we can share with you the latest selection of exceptional properties.

Summer 2020 in Sotogrande – What to Expect Image
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