A little over a week from today, the Spanish Vehicle Inspection Test (ITV) is set to introduce a new set of regulations aimed at enhancing road safety. These regulations, which are scheduled to take effect from May 20th, 2023, are expected to bring significant improvements in the standard of vehicle inspection across Spain.

This reform seeks to ensure that all vehicles comply with the required safety standards. Under the new rules, vehicle inspections will be conducted more rigorously, and a range of additional safety checks will be carried out. This includes a more thorough examination of brakes, suspension, steering, and lighting systems, as well as more technical inspections of CO2 emissions, electrical energy consumption, and diagnostics. Additionally, diesel-fueled vehicles will undergo more rigorous emission controls. 

According to Sanitas insurance page HealthPlan, as of this year, the ITV stations will equip more advanced diagnostic tools to detect and assess the vehicle´s emission levels through the onboard computer systems, even if the system has been tampered with. As a result, this implemented technology will contribute significantly to improving the overall environmental impact of vehicles on Spanish roads.

One of the most considerable changes will be the requirement for vehicles with more than 10 years of use to pass this revision test biannually. As per the Spanish Radio station and journal COPE, “this new regulation will mean more inconvenience and more expenses, that is, passing the ITV twice a year when the vehicle is over 10”. While this will initially only applies to small vehicles with a total capacity of 3,500kg destined to transport commercial goods, it will take a toll on maintenance costs, potentially doubling them for the vehicle to be allowed on the road. 

Moreover, every vehicle purchased from April 2018 onwards will be required to incorporate a fully functioning emergency call system (eCall) to facilitate the tracking and assistance of vehicle retrieval or transport in the event of an emergency.

Therefore, all license holders, including foreign residents in Spain who own a vehicle that falls under the new categories of vehicles required to undergo the ITV test, may have to schedule an appointment to comply with the new regulations. Additionally, if they own a diesel vehicle, they may need to ensure that their vehicle meets the new emission limits set by the authorities.


Lastly, below, we reveal this year´s updated costs for the ITV depending on the vehicle types for the region of Andalucia: 

  • Non-catalysed tourism vehicles: 39,34 €
  • Catalysed tourism vehicles: 43,52 €
  • Diésel vehicles: 48,62 €
  • Electric vehicles: 29,11 €

As per cars.com, “Vehicle rates have a 10% bonus if the inspection is presented before expiration, although if it is carried out one month after expiration, the price increases by 12%”.








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