SOTO-COMMUNITY The Sotogrande community also known as E.U.C or “Parques de Sotogrande” provides services in the following departments. Maintenance Department: In charge of maintaining infrastructure and supervising the daily repairs and maintenance tasks to be undertaken in the urbanization. This Department also hires subcontracted companies to carry out major maintenance works. Security Department: Works in coordination with the State Security Forces (F.C.S.E.) and Prosegur, as the security company contracted to ensure the protection of persons, property and the normal functioning of services in the urbanization. This security department works 24 hours a day 7 days a week all year round and can be contacted at +34 956 795 194 (security needs only).

Gardening Department: Made up of qualified operators that work with modern machinery, including electrical machines with low noise emissions.Administration Department: Manages and controls the financial assets of the community as well as creating and distributing the budget accordingly.

Any construction in Sotogrande requires a municipal license however, it’s crucial to note that only minor work can occur in August. In order to maintain this pleasant and peaceful community all year-round construction should not start before 8 am with a break between 3:00-4:30 pm as to not disturb siestas. Additionally, construction is not allowed on weekends meaning everyone can relax and enjoy the harmony and tranquillity of the environment.

Furthermore, it is the resident's responsibility to ensure the care of the environment and public areas (sidewalk) adjacent to their properties. This includes only placing rubbish outside of the property on collection day. In the case of household appliances, disposal should be arranged by phoning: +34 956 780 141 and the items should only be left outside the night before collections.

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