Signs that tourist activity is picking up should intrigue owners of property in Sotogrande 

Wherever you are principally located right now, the chances are that you will have noticed the sun takes longer to set and temperatures gradually move up. 

It is a very welcome development for many of us after what might have felt like a long winter. And of course, Sotogrande is a beneficiary of this, too; average temperatures in this part of the Costa del Sol typically go from around 13 degrees C (55 degrees F) in January to 16 degrees C (61 degrees F) in April, on the way to a peak of 35 degrees C (95 degrees F) during August. 

This seasonal change also means that more and more people are planning their holidays around the Costa del Sol for this year, a trend borne out in the data. 

For example, the Aehcos association of the region’s hoteliers recently stated that it expected to fill 84% of rooms across Málaga province for the Easter period from Friday, 31st March until 10th April. SUR magazine in English further reported that booking information indicated holiday occupancy would be 8% higher than in 2022. 

Aehcos went as far as saying that – with help from ever-more frequent last-minute bookings and with good weather looking likely – it was confident that the occupancy record set in 2019 would be close to being reached. 

2019, of course, was the last full year prior to the COVID-19 pandemic hitting Europe, so these would all seem to be encouraging signs of the Costa del Sol tourist sector’s recovery. 

More than that, however, such positive figures could also inform your decision-making in relation to the purchase of property in Sotogrande

It is worth noting, too, that leading airline EasyJet has signalled its own confidence with the reopening of its seasonal base at Málaga Airport amid plans to connect the Costa del Sol with no fewer than 15 European destinations. 

Could offering short-term rentals be an attractive option for those owning property in Sotogrande? 

We mention the increasingly encouraging state of the spring and summer holiday market in Spain because it might provide ‘food for thought’ if you are a current property owner in Sotogrande or contemplating purchasing a house, villa, or apartment here. 

The fact is, while plenty of people do buy a property in Sotogrande so that they can live there themselves – such as at the height of the summer, an especially appealing option in today’s era of “digital nomadism” and “thermal tourism” – others might choose to offer their property for short-term holiday rental. 

Certainly, there is no shortage of excellent reasons to enjoy a holiday on the Costa del Sol, ranging from the fabulous weather and the stunning cultural and historical sights and sounds of the region to the abundant opportunities for sunbathing, fine dining, sports, and much more. 

Whatever your reasons may be for being interested in property in Sotogrande, our skilled and experienced team at BM Sotogrande can assist. So enquire to us now over the phone or by email, and we will be pleased to discuss how we can best cater to your ambitions and needs in the southern Spanish property market during 2023.  


Signs that tourist activity is picking up should intrigue owners of property in Sotogrande Image
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