Have you been thinking about acquiring property in Sotogrande – whether for your own use or as an investment – but have been unsure whether now is the time to make your move? 


Well, the pronounced rent rises that have been observed in Andalucía over the last five years could be one factor that helps you to make up your mind. 


Indeed, as reported by multiple Spanish sources, one rental index has found that the price of rental housing across the autonomous community was 42% higher in 2019 than it had been in 2014. 


What else did we find out from the latest figures? 


While the eye-catching 42% statistic certainly shows significant growth in Andalucían rents over the last half-decade, it’s not quite as high as the 50% national average. 


It is also fascinating to look at the price rises by province. While, for example, the province in which Sotogrande is situated – Cádiz – has seen rental prices go up by 25% in that five-year period, this isn’t as steep an increase as has been seen in Málaga (56%), Seville (46%), Granada (39%), Almería (34%) and Huelva (31%). 


But on the other hand, Córdoba (20%) and Jaén (14%) are Andalucían provinces that have seen less marked rental price rises over those five years. 


Such information is likely to be key to your ultimate decision, whether you are interested in buying property in Sotogrande to rent out, or it is you that is the prospective tenant. 


A Spanish property market that is continuing to hold up well 


With both rental and buying prices in Spain having significantly increased over the last few years, you have an enviable range of alluring options if you are considering purchasing in the country anytime soon – as well as much reason to expect further price growth. 


However, it is Sotogrande – on account of its combination of luxurious and desirable properties, happening bars and restaurants and extensive high-calibre sporting amenities, to name just a few of its attractions – that is proving a particular destination for many. 


Contact the BM Sotogrande team today, and whether you are interested in purchasing or renting property in Sotogrande, we will bring our expertise to bear in guiding you towards the best-suited opportunities in 2020. Simply call (+34) 956 785 092 or email info@bmsotogrande.com to learn more.   

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