“Record” sales could be seen for property in Sotogrande during 2022 


Any talk of a “property boom” in Spain has long been greeted with a certain degree of caution – particularly given that the period of surging prices in the country until the late 2000s was then followed by a major economic slowdown. 


However, it seems the “boom” that has hit the Costa del Sol lately is built on impressively sustainable foundations. That, in turn, could have strong implications for the moves you make as a would-be buyer or seller of property in Sotogrande over the course of 2022. 


What has the industry been saying about the latest “property boom”? 


Quite a few news stories have caught our eye recently, with key figures across the Costa del Sol property market suggesting now is an excellent time to sell a home in the region. 


The managing director of one Costa del Sol real estate agency, for example, told The Olive Press that “for the first time” since the COVID-19 pandemic recovery began, “we have a genuine property boom.” 


She explained that property values in the area were going up “at a steady and sure rate, based on inflation and not banks over-lending.” 


She added, however, that even with price increases having been seen for nearly every type of property along the coast, the Costa del Sol was still cheaper than most other European coastal holiday destinations. 


Could Sotogrande be a great place to site your home office? 


Meanwhile, the owner of another well-established agency in the region said that after a 2021 in which many agencies achieved record sales along the coast, further records could be seen for property sales in the region in 2022, provided that there are enough listings to satisfy the demand.


The quoted individual said that 2021 had been his agency’s best year since 2007. Looking forward, he singled out Sotogrande as a particular destination for would-be property buyers in the area. 


He commented: “Sotogrande is very family-friendly with lots of outdoor sports and is near to Marbella, Málaga, Jerez, Sevilla, etc, and you can even go skiing every weekend in season in Granada, which is just two and a half hours away.” 


He added that it had also never been easier to set up a home office in Sotogrande, given the fast Internet of 300MB per second, and the unlimited data that cost only around €35 a month. That’s something worth thinking about, given that many people do seem to be looking away from cities when it comes to how they wish to live and work after the pandemic. 


To learn more about how our own seasoned experts at BM Sotogrande could help you in acquiring or selling property in Sotogrande this year, why not send us an email, give us a call on (+34) 956 785 092, or even visit our Pueblo Nuevo office in-person for a chat? We would be delighted to hear from you. 

Blog Post 02/03/2022

“Record” sales could be seen for property in Sotogrande during 2022 Image
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