How are the sales of property in Sotogrande and elsewhere across Spain holding up during these curious times, as the country and the world gradually emerge from the coronavirus crisis? The short answer is very nicely indeed, as shown by new figures indicating the overall number of Spanish property sales made to buyers from outside the country went up during 2021’s second quarter.


More specifically, just over 13,600 properties in Spain were sold to non-Spaniards during that three-month period. 


What deeper trends are we seeing in the newest figures? 


There were seemingly good reasons for many observers to be concerned about how strongly the property market in Spain would fare during the second quarter of this year, given the effects of not only Brexit, but also recent pandemic travel restrictions. 


So, did those factors make themselves strongly felt in the statistics for this crucial period, as sourced from Spain’s property registrars? The short answer is, yes and no. 


With regard to the impact of the UK’s departure from the European Union (EU) – and it’s easy to forget that the Brexit transition period only concluded at the end of last year – there does seem to be some evidence of Brits being less strongly represented among the buyers of Spanish homes.


UK nationals accounted for just 9.5% of non-Spanish property purchasers during the second quarter, which is a noticeable drop from even the 12.1% recorded for the previous quarter. This situation has allowed German buyers to close up behind the Brits, with their 9% share, followed by Moroccans (8.3%) and the French (7%). 


As for the effects of coronavirus travel restrictions… well, that doesn’t seem to have made such a dramatic difference to the figures, given how prominently buyers from outside the UK continue to feature among foreign purchasers. That will be heartening news for anyone interested in selling their property in Sotogrande, even if the issues posed by COVID-19 aren’t entirely a thing of the past for a while yet. 


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