Finding Beauty in a Difficult Situation - Sotogrande Lockdown dairies


Now that we’re eight weeks into the lockdown in Sotogrande, I’m sure many people are starting to feel antsy, afraid and just frustrated with the situation overall. We miss our walks, friends, family and just the normal little things in life. 

Bars, restaurants and most shops are closed and we still have ways to go before we can enjoy those things again. But the good news is that we can finally go for walks, breathe some fresh air and get some much-needed sunshine, even if it’s just for an hour each day. Without all the people and cars, we can finally appreciate and enjoy the true beauty of Sotogrande. 

Since we can only walk 1km from our homes and we have an hour to do so, it leaves us plenty of time to stop and appreciate all the different types of homes and some world-class architecture and perfectly manicured gardens. We can admire all the beautiful spring flowers that are in bloom and literally stop and smell the roses. We can also notice a lot more animals around. We’ve seen rabbits, turtles and even a herd of goats in Alto.  

Nature, as if she knew we were finally allowed to leave our home, gifted us with beautiful sunshine and warm southerly winds and the bluest of skies. Those that are lucky enough to live near the beach can finally dip their toes in the sand and smell the Mediterranean Sea from the shores. 

While we can’t wait to experience another wonderful summer in Sotogrande, full of life and people, we can’t help but slow down and appreciate all the hidden delights this magnificent place has to offer. The BM Sotogrande team is always working to find the best that Sotogrande has to offer. As property specialists, we know all of the treasures. For more information contact us.  

Funny to see how the goats are getting to enjoy the Almenara Golf Course in the absence of golfers!  

Finding Beauty in a Difficult Situation - Sotogrande lockdown diaries Image
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