We’ll go out with longer and whiter hair. With clean hands and houses, with old clothes. With excitement to be outside. With joy to meet people.

We’ll go out with empty pockets and full pantries. We’ll know how to make bread and pizza, and we’ll never waste leftover food. We’ll remember that a doctor or a nurse should be celebrated more than a footballer and that the work of a teacher can’t be replaced with a screen. That sewing masks is sometimes more important than sewing fancy dresses.

That technology is important, even vital when used properly. That you don’t have to get in the car to escape to who knows where. We’ll go out on our own more, but with the desire to be together. And we’ll understand that life is beautiful because we’re alive. That we’re drops of water in one sea. That we’ll only come out on top if we do it together.

Sometimes the good or the bad can come from those you least expect. We’ll look in the mirror and see that white hair isn’t so bad after all. We’ll realise that we actually like the family life and making bread makes us feel important. We’ll learn to listen to our breath, our coughs and look into each other’s eyes to protect those we love. We‘ll respect the basic rules of coexistence. Maybe that’s how it’ll be.

Every storm comes to an end and once again life will smile at us.


A huge thank you to the unknown source of this fine words

Every storm comes to an end and once again life will smile at us. Image
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