There are lots of potential New Year resolutions that a lot of people tend to think about at this time of year – and this year, there’s unquestionably some added spice brought by the fact that 2020 marks not just a New Year, but also the beginning of a whole new decade. 


Some of us may pledge that the coming year is the one in which we will finally get fit, for example, while others decide to concentrate above all else on winning that longed-for promotion. 


As for you... well, since you’re on our site, why not end 2019 or start 2020 by accelerating your search for some of the finest property Sotogrande has to offer? And if you need any further convincing, here are a few more good reasons to make the next 12 months the time to step up your property hunt in this opulent and sought-after corner of Andalucía. 


The Spanish property-market figures continue to make warm reading


In case you were wondering what’s been happening to the Spanish property market lately, well... it’s been ticking along quite nicely. The leading Spanish property valuation company Tinsa, for example, has just revealed a 3.7% rise in the market value of housing across the country over the past 12 months, as of November. 


That latest increase means the country’s property values are now 16.8% higher than they were when the market reached its lowest point in the aftermath of the late 2000s economic slowdown, in February 2015. However, prices also remain 33% lower than they were at their peak in late 2007, indicating that there’s still plenty of scope for continued steady, healthy growth. 


Then, there’s the help that we could give you 


So, now that you know the present moment is an opportune time to start searching for some of the best property Sotogrande has available today, why not make that search so much easier by working with BM Sotogrande? 


We don’t only possess extensive local property market experience and expertise, but can also bring you opportunities to invest in Sotogrande property that you won’t find anywhere else. They include this exclusive listing for a recently renovated eight-bedroom villa, for example, that really does give you all of the amenities of the ultimate luxury estate. 


With ample chances to buy and rent in Sotogrande in 2020 and beyond, you are likely to have considerable reason to be thankful for our in-depth knowhow in relation to the highest end of this busy local property market. Simply get in touch directly with our team today for more information and guidance.  

Blog Post 05/12/2019

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