Have you been wondering how house prices in Spain have been faring in recent months – in particular, in light of the United Kingdom’s recent departure from the European Union (EU)?


If so, you might be reassured to learn that the situation is rather more stable than you may have assumed. After all, Britons only have until the end of the year to arrive in Spain and guarantee their right to stay, as per the terms of the UK’s withdrawal agreement with the EU. 


You may have imagined that such circumstances would have caused a rush in purchases of some of the best property Sotogrande can offer, thereby pushing up prices beyond what might be termed ‘affordable’. But the latest figures released by the central statistics unit of the Spanish government actually tell a somewhat different story. 


A steady, rather than spectacular real estate market 


The residential property sales data in question was published earlier this month, and covered the month of December 2019. It showed a 1.8% rise in the number of transactions during the month, compared to the final month of 2018. 


While this is certainly a modest increase, it also shows a sustained stability in the Spanish property market that should reassure, rather than scare anyone contemplating the property Sotogrande is currently making available. 


It’s important to bear in mind, in particular, the considerable differences in activity often observed across Spain’s 17 regions. Sure enough, the statistics also indicate that Andalucía was one of the most active regional markets in Spain during 2019 – so if you wish to protect yourself against further house price increases in Sotogrande, now is the time to firm up your interest in local property. 


We’ll guide you to the purchase opportunities that are right for you 


We have always taken great pride here at BM Sotogrande in the diligence and responsiveness of our service for those who are looking to buy desirable, opulent and well-located Sotogrande properties. Our capable and experienced team will listen carefully to your requirements, before sourcing the opportunities to invest that make the most sense for you. 


The Spanish property market’s sustained stability provides a potentially highly advantageous platform for further price growth in the months and years ahead. So, don’t miss out on your chance to acquire some of the finest, but also surprisingly affordable property Sotogrande has to offer in 2020! To take the first step, don’t be afraid to contact us


Blog Post 21/02/2020

Continuing stability in the Spanish property market evident from the latest statistics Image
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