Brits are still the most prominent foreign buyers of homes in Spain


Of all of the areas in which a ‘Brexit chill’ could conceivably be felt as the UK continues its protracted process of departing the European Union (EU), it would seem that the Spanish property market isn’t one of them. In fact, Brits made up 14.27% of property sales to non-Spaniards in 2019’s third quarter, with 2,160 transactions made, data from the College of Registrars has revealed. 


Indeed, this represented a 1.79% rise on the situation a year ago – evidence, if any was needed, that Brexit has proved insufficient reason for large numbers of Brits to delay any plans they may have had, even before the 2016 referendum, to purchase property in Sotogrande


What else can we learn from the most recent statistics? 


In second place in the rundown of countries most represented among foreign buyers of Spanish homes was France, with 8.4%, followed by Germany, which racked up 6.6%. The Belgians came fourth, due to the 6.17% of foreign purchases that they accounted for, and the Moroccans and Romanians weren’t far behind, at 6.05% and 5.83% respectively. 


But that’s not all. Not only do Brits constitute an even larger segment of the Spanish property market’s foreign buyers than was the case 12 months ago, but a rise has also been recorded in the proportion of property purchases in Spain made by non-nationals in general, the 12.5% figure higher than in the preceding two quarters of 2019. 


Nor are those the only encouraging figures 


So, presuming that you do take the plunge of buying property in Sotogrande with the assistance of a trusted agency like BMSotogrande – have you considered what you’ll do for an income once you finally make Spain your home? 


Well, one possibility could be gaining employment in the tourism sector, a recent EuroWeekly News article having said that the Andalucía and Costa del Sol region added 4.5% more jobs during October compared to the same month in 2018. 


That finding, along with our own blog post in late October that reported booming visitor numbers in Andalucía over the summer, should make loud and clear to you that tourism in this diverse and sun-drenched corner of Spain is going from strength to strength. 


If, then, you would like to take advantage of such strength by taking the first step to becoming the proud owner of sought-after property in Sotogrande, you only need to enquire to our own experts. Call or email our team now, and we’ll provide you with the most tailored and informed advice and guidance as our client. 

Blog Post 25/11/2019



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