Spain has seen increasing demand for second homes, the Express newspaper in the UK recently reported, with a resurgence in sales among British purchasers a key factor. 

The newspaper added that an especially popular area for these buyers was the Costa del Sol, which once again underlines how now is an excellent time to invest in Sotogrande property.

Increasing certainty is helping to push up sales activity 

While the Andalucia and Costa del Sol areas of Spain have never ceased to be in-demand property destinations for overseas investors, there’s no question that British purchasers have faced more uncertainty than they would have liked over the last few years. 

First, there was Brexit, which left many would-be buyers uncertain as to the longer-term legalities that would apply to travelling to and living in Spain. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, with the restrictions this has brought for international travel and everyone’s day-to-day lives. 

Thankfully, though, with more certainty now emerging on all of these fronts, it seems that prospective buyers from the UK have stepped up their interest in Spanish property once again. 

According to the Express report, sales of homes in Spain to British buyers are now 56% up on the figures recorded for the same period in 2020. 

Now is the perfect time to invest in Sotogrande property 

This boom in British demand for Spanish property is illustrative of how great a time it is to invest in Sotogrande property, which has long proven extremely popular among buyers from the UK.  

The British demand for property on the Costa del Sol can be largely attributed to its ideal coastline and climate. Compared to the typical weather in the UK, the climate in this part of the world practically guarantees a hot summer and a mild winter, making it great as a second home destination, or for staying all year round. 

Sunshine, a sea breeze, idyllic beaches, and wonderful views are just some of what many of us need after the past year! In the wake of the stresses brought about by the pandemic, what could be better than snapping up a Sotogrande property as a getaway from it all, or as an attractive investment? 

Take advantage of the burgeoning demand for Spanish property with BM Sotogrande 

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a Sotogrande property, our experts are on hand to provide informed and tailored advice and guidance for your next steps into the Spanish property market. 

You can enquire to us today to discuss your wishes and requirements by calling (+34) 956 785 092 or by emailing With the help of BM Sotogrande’s experienced specialists, you could finally make your Andalucia property dream real in 2021! 

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