Stabilising property price rises indicate now could be a great time to buy properties in Sotogrande


If you have long been looking to purchase property in Sotogrande but have wondered whether the rapid rise in Spanish property values over the last few years puts you at risk of being priced out, several recent reports suggest good news for you. 


The Spanish government’s central statistics unit, for example, has recently published residential property sales data for the month of July 2019. The figures revealed a 3.8% rise in the number of transactions compared to the same month the previous year, at 47,890 – an indication that the country’s property market is now stabilising after an extended period of growth. 


Furthermore, it was also recently disclosed that the average value of housing in Spain went up by 3.1% between the second quarter of 2018 and the corresponding period this year. 


This is according to statistics published by the Ministry of Development in relation to the market price of officially valued residential property in the country, which said that values had now reached €1,637.40 per square metre – the highest since 2012. 


But Sotogrande might represent an especially great-value destination


Now, for those seeking out properties in Sotogrande, this famously exclusive part of the Costa del Sol may not exactly conjure up the impression of being a ‘value’ destination. 


After all, the development has long been a summer destination for British royals and international famous faces, Sotogrande always having been a fierce protector of privacy, so much so that one can never know exactly which famous people are in residence at any time.

Nonetheless, it can be argued that Sotogrande does indeed represent excellent value for property hunters’ hard-earned cash. 


One local property market professional quoted by expatriate newspaper The Olive Press, for example, has compared Sotogrande highly favourably in this regard to Marbella, stating: “You can buy an amazing apartment right on the beach here, with gardens and pool, for €1.25 million to €1.3 million, which at the Puente Romano will cost you over €3 million.” 


We’ll help you to make the right moves as a potential property buyer here 


Sotogrande enjoys a well-deserved reputation as one of Andalucía’s jewels, so the current favourable property-price situation in this sought-after corner of Spain can be by no means guaranteed to last forever. So, why not take your chance now to work with BM Sotogrande to find your dream new home from the latest available properties in Sotogrande? 

Simply call (+34) 956 785 092 or email for further information on how we can assist you in realising your property dream on the Costa del Sol.

Stabilising property price rises indicate now could be a great time to buy properties in Sotogrande Image
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