Lessons in Style and Panache the Sotogrande property way 

Spanish architecture and design are famous all around the world with demands for this type of property on the increase in some of the most exclusive places in America, Europe and also the Middle East. 


But what exactly do we mean by "Spanish architecture"? Some influence comes from the Moors, Romans and even Renaissance and Baroque features are often found on famous monuments and historical buildings. 


Each region of Spain has its own unique characteristics, for example, Andalusia is famous for its small or sometimes large courtyards that are always adorned with orange trees and other Mediterranean plants. 


In Sotogrande we can admire various forms of home design, from Ultra-Modern to Rustic to Moroccan. But the demand remains high for a typical Spanish, Andalusian villa, with the whitewashed walls, red-tiled roof and you guessed it, a traditional courtyard. 


One of our most exclusive villas at the moment, Villa Mariposa, not only meets all the requirements for traditional architecture, it's also located in the most coveted zone in Sotogrande Costa, called the Kings and Queens. 

Villa Mariposa truly represents the epitome that is Sotogrande with Moorish ceilings in the hallways, a fully equipped designer kitchen with Gaggenau appliances, and an oversized pool in the sprawling flat, South facing mature garden. This is the villa where you can not only appreciate the architecture and internal design but you can walk through the large wooden doors and feel like you've finally arrived. You're home.

Sotogrande´s  Villa Mariposa is a lesson  in Style and Panache Image
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