The fact that you're reading this blog post may indicate that you are already aware, to some extent, of the merits of purchasing property in Sotogrande. Indeed, as a prospective resident here, you may currently be relishing the thought of making full use of this exclusive locality's many sporting amenities, for instance, or enjoying fine dining in the area of the marina. 


However, it's sometimes easy to overlook the fact that Sotogrande is just one settlement within the broad and exceedingly culturally rich Andalucía region.  


It's not just about the stereotypes! 


Depending on your perspective, you may find it intriguing or slightly reductive to think of Andalucía as the part of Spain that is largely responsible for much of the cultural phenomena - such as flamenco and bullfighting – that the wider world considers quintessentially Spanish today.


Regardless, Andalucía will always stand for so much more than the stereotypes. This is an autonomous community, after all, that is officially recognised as a "historical nationality". 


The region's unmistakable culture today is also attributable to the wide range of peoples to have influenced it over millennia, including the native Iberians, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Greeks, Vandals, Jews, Byzantines and Muslim Moors - to name just a few.


You'll enjoy a rich and varied life as a Sotogrande resident 


Life as the owner of property in Sotogrande is likely to be as much about your journeys all around Spain, as it will be about the opulence of your actual home, apartment or villa. 


There is no shortage of tourist-friendly cities in Andalucía, of course. These include the capital, Seville, with its no fewer than three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the old town, as well as Córdoba, where much notable Moorish architecture can be appreciated, such as the Mosque-Cathedral widely known as the Mezquita. 


However, travelling Sotogrande residents are likely to feel just as inspired by the many much more 'hidden' towns and villages to be found across Andalucía, such as – in the local Cádiz province – Grazalema and Olvera. 


The former is a whitewashed pueblo surrounded by green mountains and home to the province's famous Payoyo cheese; the latter, meanwhile, is well worth visiting even if you just stroll around the church known as the Parroquia Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación


There's so much more to find out about on your own... why hesitate any longer to contact the BM Sotogrande team about how we can help to match you to the property in Sotogrande that meets your most exacting needs? 


Enquire today to our knowledgeable and experienced team, about how we can assist you in getting 'up close and personal' with beautiful Sotogrande as the permanent owner of property here. 


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