We could, of course, give you a wide range of great reasons to snap up Sotogrande property, ranging from the area’s fabulously sun-drenched Mediterranean climate, to the impressive sporting and leisure amenities and opportunities for fine dining. 

If you’re browsing our site and reading this, it’s possible that you know these things already. So let’s focus on another great reason to enquire about property in this part of the Costa del Sol: when you live here, you’ll be living in the happiest place in Europe! 


Yes, it’s true – Spaniards are pleased with their lot 


We aren’t merely claiming Spanish people are happy – it was shown by Gallup International’s ‘End of the Year Global Happiness and Hope Index’ at the end of 2020. 


As reported by Spanish expatriate newspaper The Olive Press, the index’s statistics were generated through interviews with 38,709 people, including a thousand men and a thousand women in each country between October and December last year. 


From the point of view of those considering the acquisition of Sotogrande property, the most eye-catching result was that 65% of Spaniards described themselves as happy or very happy. This compared to 7% who felt unhappy, and 28% who stated that they were neither happy nor unhappy.


By contrast, only half of Europeans as a whole perceived themselves to be happy. 


What about the economic outlook for the year ahead? 


One major challenge to Europeans’ happiness over the past year has naturally been the COVID-19 pandemic, especially given the economic shockwaves caused by lockdowns and other restrictions aiming at minimising the spread of the virus. 


Understandably, there was much uncertainty among the Europeans polled for the index about the economic prospects for 2021. But again, the Spaniards were among the highest-ranked for this measure, with some 46% of them believing that this year would be better for the economy than 2020. Only the Finns scored higher in this regard, with 57%. 


It just goes to show that where you live can have a bigger impact on how you view the world – and the future – than you might always think. 


If, then, you’ve long dreamed of owning Sotogrande property and would like to make that dream a reality in 2021, don’t wait any longer to begin browsing our online sales listings – or to get in touch directly with our capable and seasoned property specialists.  

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