The staff at Beautiful Mediterranean Properties have had a very enlighten morning – with an introduction course on currency transfer and how best to help our property clients save money when bringing foreign currency in to Spain. We were given this informal talk by Paul Ellis who is the senior person from Currencies  Direct of this area of southern Spain. He informed us about the Spanish banking system and how the banks charge up to 1% on currency transfers between euro base countries and other currency’s. He gave us an example of a client transferring 2.5 million and being charged 25 000€ in transfer fees! The really adds up to a waste of funds!

 They have some fantastic package to save on currency transfer with 0% bank charges - this is also great for buying or renting. Currency Direct are also in the unique position to be affiliated with la Caixa one of Spain’s largest banks and so they can facility the opening of bank accounts here in Spain to make the process total hassle free!  From the point of secure and international money laundry prospect they are full regulated by the British regular body and All funds go in to a regulated client escrow account.

Really when moving money this is the most secure and cost effective way of  avoiding excessive bank chargers – gives Currencies Direct the big thumbs and look is forward to a long partnership in property sales in Spain.

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