Getting fit this year? Sotogrande’s a fine place to do it


You might associate the highly exclusive corner of Andalucía known as Sotogrande with many things from the stunning scenery to the various restaurants and bars of its fine marina. 


One other thing that will always be synonymous with Sotogrande, however, is the wealth of sporting activities that one can enjoy watching or participating in here. 


So, whether you are looking to improve your fitness through involvement in all manner of sports when you snap up any of the excellent property Sotogrande has to offer right now, or you instead just intend to observe from afar... what does the locality offer from a sporting perspective?


Golf and polo will always be a big deal here 


The two sports that Sotogrande will surely always be a haven for, are golf and polo – and when you look at the many world-class amenities here, it won’t take you very long to appreciate why. 


Golfers, for instance, can immerse themselves in such acclaimed facilities as Real Club de Golf de Sotogrande, the Robert Trent Jones-designed course that opened in 1964 and is still going strong today. 


La Reserva de Sotogrande is another golfing landmark in the area, located within two valleys that join in the form of the letter ‘Y’. This course may have only opened in 2004, but it has already attracted considerable national and international admiration and acclaim. 


Then, of course, there is the ‘Augusta of Europe’, Valderrama. Familiar to most golfers from TV coverage, it has hosted all manner of championships, including the Volvo Masters and the legendary 1997 Ryder Cup that saw Europe win by a single point under the late Seve Ballesteros’ captaincy. 


And as for polo... well, whether or not you can actually afford to play polo, there’s no doubt that Sotogrande is one of the key places in the world to see it! The renowned polo clubs here, including Santa Maria and Ayala, continue to host many of the best international players every summer season. 


But Sotogrande also consistently defies the stereotypes 


As formidable an offering as Sotogrande has with regard to the aforementioned two disciplines, the truth is that the community serves up a full sporting fiesta right through the year, for observers and participants alike. 


Whether your own tastes lie in the likes of sailing, boating, cycling, tennis or equestrian sports, you can look forward to plenty of opportunities to indulge your passion as the owner of property here. That’s without us even drawing attention to the well-regarded gyms, Pilates and yoga studios, show jumping arenas and dressage facilities that are widely enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. 


So, if there’s one part of the world where you’ll have no excuse for failing to make good on your fitness or weight-loss ambition in 2020, it’s probably Sotogrande! 


Enquire to the BM Sotogrande team today, and we’ll be pleased to discuss with you how we can serve your most demanding and specialised requirements in your search for some of the best-suited and most prestigious property Sotogrande has to offer. 

Getting fit this year? Sotogrande’s a fine place to do it Image
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