4 simple but effective tips for marketing your Sotogrande property


If you are looking to sell a Sotogrande property, whether for real estate investment purposes or simply because it’s your own home and you are now “moving on”, you shouldn’t underestimate the fierce competition you may face in your search for a buyer. 


It bears emphasis that you can’t rush the process of securing a buyer for your property located in this particularly sun-kissed part of Spain. However, the following tips could make it easier to promote your property to potential purchasers.   


Arrange for your property to be sumptuously photographed 


People do judge a book by its cover – or in this case, a residential property on the basis of what they see in photographs of it on its “for sale” listing. 


So, you shouldn’t settle for just any photos of your building. You need images captured by a photographer who knows how to use clever tech like a wide-angle lens to portray the home as somewhere that looks truly inviting.


Let potential buyers go on a video “tour”


Naturally, until they walk around a given property’s rooms, many people won’t gain a sufficiently accurate sense of what it would be like to live there. But they also might not get to the point of booking a “proper” in-person viewing of the building in the first place, to say nothing of the obvious inconveniences and safety issues brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Why not make things as easy as possible for these prospective buyers, then, by recording video footage of a “walkthrough” and then adding that footage to your property’s online listings?   


Spread the word on Instagram and Pinterest


Instagram is worth mentioning here as, regardless of how ubiquitous it may now seem, it remains a great place to cut through the noise and bring photos and videos of your Sotogrande property to the notice of the right people. 


Meanwhile, using Pinterest warrants a recommendation because, on this image-sharing platform, it’s easy to dedicate a board to highlighting your property as well as attractions of the local area. 


Seek the assistance of a trusted local estate agent  


With our brick-and-mortar office in Andalucía and in-depth knowledge of the Sotogrande property market here at BM Sotogrande, we are well-positioned to assist you in your mission to sell a property in this coastal area of Spain.


We are easy to contact, too – just phone us on (+34) 956 785 092 or email info@bmsotogrande.com to specify your requirements, and we will act swiftly on them. 


We’re proud to be continuing to serve both sellers and buyers in the ever-bustling Sotogrande property market – so whatever your property ambitions in this part of the Costa del Sol may be, we can help you to realise them! 

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