Sotogrande is the largest privately owned residential development in Andalusia. It is composed of a 20 km2 stretch from the Mediterranean Sea 25 km east of Gibraltar, back into the foothills of Sierra Almenara, providing contrasting views of sea, hills, cork forests and green fairways, including the Rock of Gibraltar and Morocco. Sotogrande is well known as an architectural showcase on the Costa del Sol, with styles varying from the traditional Andalucian to mid century modern, all the way through 21st century design and even more unusual designs, including moorish/mudejar style homes and even a Swiss chalet.


Sotogrande is composed of 8 zones. This facilitates commutes within the area, making it easy to find your way around from the ports and beaches all the way to La Reserva. The Sotogrande costa is composed of three zones; Kings & Queens, Zone A and Zone B. The lower part of Sotogrande towards the coast is known as the Kings and Queens zone this is because all the streets in this area are named after past and present Spanish royalty. Zones A and B are made up of streets all starting with either the letters A or B, this area is relatively costal and consists of stunning tree-lined streets amongst marvellous villas at varying price ranges.  


Sotogrande Alto translates to the higher part of Sotogrande, this is the area past the freeway. This area starts with zones C and D, continuing to zones E and F, finalizing by the Almenara Hotel high up in zone G. Sotogrande Alto is geographically larger than the coastal areas, providing villas with; woodlands, incredible sea views, rolling hills, golf and country views. For some families residing in this area is preferable as it is in proximity to the international school as well as many horse-riding stables.

The La Reserva is repserasnted by street L-M, with plot in and arounfd the La Reserva Golf Club. 


The Sotogrande Marina is located across the river from the Kings and Queens and is full of interesting and unique shops as well as some amazing restaurants. Including some of the locals most frequented restaurants such as the Ke Bar , a restaurant with waterfront views, a beer garden and some incredible dishes. The Marina thrives as with new restaurants opening all the time providing a wide range of options of places to dine with views of the sea. In addition to shops and restaurants there's a Craft Market every Sunday in the Port where people can enjoy high end antiques and crafts, shop for clothes and sample local delicacies.

This is a great area to live and houses some breath-taking apartments, penthouses and waterfront townhouses.

Sotogrande is famous for its Golf, Polo and yachting. The estate encompasses five international standard golf courses. Valderrama Golf Club has played host to the Volvo Master for many years and the Ryder cup in 1997. The course is currently ranked as one of top courses in Europe. The Sotogrande Real Club de Golf is also ranked as one of the top 5 courses in the world. If Golf is your game, Sotogrande also has an excellent Golf Academy to help you get started, or fine tune your game. The game of Kings is also a highly popular sport in Sotogrande. The Santa Maria Club plays host to the Silver and Gold cup polo tournaments, which attract national and international teams, sponsors and celebrities which brings a new dimension to Sotogrande. There are stables and well equipped riding facilities in and around the estate.

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