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Fantastic from line golf property in the Sotogrande G-zone 211 € m²

Sotogrande Alto - Plot
The Sotogrande building plot in Sotogrande Alto sounds like an excellent opportunity for creating a spacious and luxurious home design. With 3509 square meters of terrain, you have ample land space to work with.

The plot's location is highly desirable, offering a front-line view of the Almenara golf course. This scenic setting provides a beautiful backdrop for your future home.

Essential services such as water, electricity, telephone, and mains drainage are conveniently available at the boundary of the plot. This ensures that your home will have access to all the necessary utilities.

To adhere to the building regulations, here are some key points:

Building Allowance: The allowable building area ranges from 25% to 33% of the total plot size, depending on the design and land use. You'll need to factor this into your design plans.

Maximum Height: The construction is limited to two floors or 6.50 meters in height. However, you have the option to add a third floor if it occupies 30% or less floor space than the second floor and has a maximum height of 9.50 meters. This allows for some flexibility in your design.

Boundary Regulations: The building should be at least 6 meters away from the street and 3 meters away from neighboring properties. Additionally, a minimum distance of 15 meters should be maintained between the building and the golf course.

Garages/Parking: The areas designated for garages or parking spaces are calculations as 50% of building allowance. This gives you some freedom to incorporate the necessary parking spaces without affecting the overall floor area calculations to excessively .

Lastly, it's important to note that a 21% VAT (IVA) applies to the construction of the property. This tax should be factored into your budget when planning the construction costs.

Overall, the Sotogrande building plot offers an attractive opportunity to create a luxurious home that takes advantage of the stunning views and prime location. With the provided regulations, you can ensure your design adheres to the guidelines while maximizing the potential of the plot.


  • Brand new
  • Security service 24h
  • Country view
  • Golf view
  • Gated community
  • Panoramic view
  • Close to Golf
  • Close to schools
  • Surveillance cameras


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