The best of the summer weather is upon us, there is no better time to view property down on the sotogrande marina. I had the good fortune this morning to be showing wonderful 3 duplex so in Ribera de Arquero and the client that I was meeting was running late so I have time to sit on the balcony of this Apartment  and watch the day unfold. From this elevated Position I have the pressure of watching boat heading out for a day in the Mediterranean, the speed boats just sailing the canal and all this to the back drop of the rustle of the palm trees. On the beach side of the building Gigis beach bar was just coming to life and yachts in the marina where gearing up for a day on the water! Could one sell property in a better place? 

Welcome to the vida loco – Sotogrande summer we embrace you! 

Here is a link to the view from the apartment!

Sotogrande embraces the summer Image
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