As we wave a fond fair well to January our thought turn toward summer and the start of our Sotogrande summer 2015 rental booking period. I know when there is still a smattering of snow on the mountains behind Malaga to start thinking about Summer seems like madness But if you want a selection of the best villa on the market,  now  is the time to wade in and start looking.  Have clear idea in your head as to what your re looking for Villa, apartment or town house. The most popular rental date in Sotogrande are from 1 – 15 August  or 16 -31 August  this is our high season.  Remember for a rental property in  June and July you can expect price to be 30% less per week and there is greater  flexibility with dates.  It is important to choose a well-known estate agent with many years of experience,  as every year we hear the horror stories from  clients who  rent unseen properties only to find that they do not live up to their  expectations.  We at  BMSotogrande  pride ourselves  in having some of the best rental properties on the market so and also offer a tailor service to your unique needs and requirements!

Have a look at Villa Oasis – the Jewel of Sotogrande

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 Sotogrande summer is ready to welcome you! 

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