Sotogrande Architect project : Complete modernization of "Casa Guthrie"

Renovation - breathing new life in to an old building

August 2019

Sotogrande Alto - renovation project House Guthie

Architect Bradley Falconer was tasked with taking a stunning but outdated frontline Valderama golf course property and bringing it up to date but yet retaining the ethos of the property.


The villa is set around a central courtyard in the vein of a typical Andalucian home. The clients wanted to keep the feel of the property by upgrading the way the space is used and the general flow of the internal space. The most important to the client that the property retained  is the original chartered of the Andaucian style property. The first part was to take the house back to the bare bones and work back up. The old and very outdated kitchen was moved to the front of the property and widows added giving it views to both the front garden and pool and the afternoon light from the back garden and orchard. The original master was converted to the dining area and linked to the kitchen and the covered terrace. The double volume  sitting room has been sensitively maintained and large doors added to links to an extended open front patio.


The traditional central courtyard has been beautifully renovated and the original large wooden door restored. The bedrooms off the central courtyard have all been updated and have access to the outside terrace with wooden pergola. The master bedroom has been moved to the upweere levate and has a small tv snug a modern stylish bathroom and a charming patio with wooden pergola. The garden has been completely leveled and the pool moved to a more fitting place to make the most of the sun. The house entrance has been finished with a natural stone wall and reclaimed wooden beams. The project perfectly married old and new and makes  the best of both worlds!

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