Whether you are the owner of property in Sotogrande that you are contemplating placing on the market, or are instead looking to acquire a house or villa in this desirable part of the world, a new report indicating continuing demand for European property is likely to be of interest to you. 


The article from The Local has raised the prospect of booming interest in buying properties on the continent, even as there remains much uncertainty about people’s freedom to travel during the COVID-19 situation. 


What does the report say about interest in Spain property? 


The news site was referring to statistics from the property portal Kyero, which polled more than 2,500 overseas buyers and discovered that nearly 40% of would-be purchasers were now actively viewing or planning viewings outside their own country. 


Intriguingly, Spain remained easily the most popular destination for Britons interested in purchasing a home abroad. Indeed, nine in 10 of all those surveyed indicated that they were looking to buy in Spain – an encouraging sign for anyone considering advertising their property in Sotogrande for sale anytime soon. 


Furthermore, half of the aforementioned respondents signalled that they were intending to commit to a property purchase within the next three months to a year. An additional fifth expressed a wish to move “as soon as possible”. 


How are dreams comparing to reality for these prospective buyers? 


It’s clear that many of the participants in the research have harboured dreams of moving abroad for a long time, if not for their entire lives, given the 28% who said this had been an ambition of theirs for over five years. 


As far as budgets are concerned, the most common – as cited by 45% of those quizzed – was between €100,000 and €250,000. However, more than a third (35%) indicated that they were looking to spend below the €100,000 mark. Meanwhile, 13% had a €250,000 to €500,000 budget in mind, and 3% had as much as €1 million at their disposal for a home abroad. 


Kyero founder Martin Dell commented: “Now that lockdown is lifted and overseas travel for reasons relating to property is becoming possible, we’re seeing a tsunami of pent-up plans being put into action.


“Some 52% more people searched online for homes in Europe in the first three months of 2021 compared to the previous quarter, and now that people can start turning those dreams into reality, we’re expecting to see a lot of transactions take place in 2021.”


There may have scarcely been a better time to make your move 


Whatever your aspirations may be in relation to property in Sotogrande – buying, selling or even renting, among our other areas of expertise – we would be delighted here at BM Sotogrande to assist you. 


It doesn’t surprise us in the slightest to see that Britons are continuing to take a keen interest in property in mainland Europe, and that COVID-19 and Brexit haven’t been enough to dampen that enthusiasm. Contact our professional and friendly team now, and we’ll advise you to help ensure you make the best moves in the Sotogrande property market this year. 

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